A Grateful Heart!

Today marked the first distribution event of the year 2018 for Fulfilling Destiny. I distributed our “Dignity bags” containing feminine products to the women at Rachel’s Women’s Center in downtown San Diego. As they came to get the bags, I had the privileged to chat with some of the ladies. You could tell by the smile that spread across their faces that they were so grateful. Afterward, one of the ladies that I had a chance to chat with before she left, came back. At first, I thought she needed something else but then she began to ask questions about me and was interested in knowing what program I was representing. I told her about Fulfilling Destiny and how I founded this non-profit organization to help women in need of these important needed products that often have been neglected and not talked about. Nevertheless, she said, “It is very kind, considering and touching what this organization is doing because most people don’t think about us (homeless women) being in need of tampons and sanitary pads when we get our period”. Furthermore, she stated that “you will harvest the blessings of this great act of compassion for caring for others”. Nevertheless, I told this kind lady that it has always been my joy to be of service to people in need, and I thanked her for her kind words. Fulfilling Destiny is for the people and I can’t wait to see the many lives we will impact as we continue to expand and distribute our Dignity Bags to the homeless and all women in need.

                                                                                                                 -Eya Touglo

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